Hey Sis. First off, I want to apologize for starting and stopping. You have been so faithful to all the visions  (podcasts, and older blogs), but I have failed to recognize the time it truly takes to invest into something. To be faithful to something means to do it in excellence  and be committed. It seems as though I quit everything but God. Lol. Which is great, because I wouldn’t dream of quitting the Father, but I cannot stop the work He has begun in me.

Alright, so now that I’ve repented. Let’s get to why you’re here and why I’m sitting behind a computer blogging once again. By the way, El Roi means God that sees me. It’s beautiful to say and then the meaning behind the words, is simply breath taking. I wanted to write a blog about a journey that ultimately led me to seeing Him. This journey is my life with some key characters who played very important roles.

I will keep names out of the blog, because my job isn’t to blast anyone, but to only show myself throughout the process of seeing the Father. If I haven’t given too much way, relationships are what brought me to seeing God. I had many relationships, but one led me to directly to the Father. I had a dream there was this broken down car on the side of the rode. This car was busted, rusted, and literally not even a car anymore. I was carrying a backpack down the road and it was slightly unzipped. Inside there was small bear and it was shining so bright. Like literally, shining bright. I had the backpack on my back, but in my dream I knew I had to leave it by the broken down car. When I woke up, clearly I knew God was speaking, but it wasn’t until years later sitting across from my husband did  I realize what it meant to my life. You see that relationship that I wanted SOOO bad was the bear. The broken down car was the relationship. The road was the path to the Father. I told my husband while the dream was hitting me like a ton of bricks, the bear was the hardest thing(person) I’ve ever had to give up. It was so precious to me. I loved the bear. But everything about me and the bear was broken down, rusted, and no longer reparable. It was no longer apart of  my journey. I say all of that to say, because I let go and place the backpack down, not knowing if I’d ever see that bear again was thee toughest thing I’d ever done. What the enemy meant for my downfall ended up being my greatest victory in life.

Girl, God saw me through it all. God loved me through it all. He graciously gave me time(I extended it much longer, but thank God for grace and mery) to surrender what I utimately made my god. I look at life now, and I still am baffled and how God “El Roi” saw me through it all.  Sis, no one sees you the way God does.

I’m sharing this journey, not to give you relationship advice, but to encourage you that through my journey God was watching. He was watching very closely. He knew when enough would be enough for me, and He picked me up and dusted me off. I’m eager to know where in your journey the Lord led you to truly seeing Him. Feel free to share.

God sees you sis. Even if sometimes it’s not the prettiest view.


His Beloved


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