Friday, I sat down for lunch and ran across news that another school shooting occurred. Sis, I’m not here to tell you my opinion or what we should or shouldn’t do. I’m also not here to place the blame on anyone. I’m simply here to tell you in that moment, my heart thought about room 403. I thought about the 13 beautiful students who feel safe in room 403. Of course my mind went to the thought, it could have been us. The Bible says to cast down imagination, and every thing that would exalt itself against the knowledge of God. That’s simply what I did. In a moment where my heart was anxious, I began to feel the peace of God. I thank God for room 403. I also pray for the families and students affected by this tragedy. #PrayForSantaFe


Sis, I’m writing this to tell you about the relationships that were formed in room 403. Also, to tell you that I got called to the principal’s office on a Thursday and was given news that would change the dynamic in room 403.

I was grabbing my things before taking the kids to music and one of my students said, “Ms. Davila, I’m going to walk down from 5th grade next year and come see you.” I smiled, but deep down was sad. I knew she wouldn’t be able to do that. How do I tell my students I won’t be here next year? Does it really matter to them or is this tougher for me? How do I tell them that I have to leave, because the number of teachers and students don’t match. Surely they would understand that right?

I was told on a Thursday and that Friday we had a training at school. Teacher work day they call it. I felt like I had just been broken up with and I had to face my ex. Over and over again. Every where I looked, he was there. Tears flowed in the office. Tears flowed all the way home. Tears flowed when I got home. Tears flowed at church that night. Tears flowed Friday after I left training. Tears flowed for room 403. I tell myself they are just kids, but when you spend a whole year, 8 hours a day, they are more than just kids. They kind of become your kids. You learn their personalities. You learn what makes them happy and sad. You watch them grow, literally. You wipe their tears. You hug them. They hug you. You see them increase in knowledge. They make you laugh. They are so intelligent. You see them recognize their potential! They also learn you! We are a family and I wasn’t quite ready to break the dynamic. I know they are moving on to 5th grade, but just the comfort of knowing I could still see them, made me happy.

Was I worried about finding a new position at a new school? No. God wouldn’t close one door without opening another. Believe that. It was just a matter of where God was calling me. I’ll meet another set of beautiful souls and begin ministry all over again. That’s what I’m called to do. I’m called to make impact.

For a second, think of all the teachers in your life. Crazy thing is you probably didn’t name all of them, because you can’t remember them. Isn’t that crazy? You spent a year with them. 8 hours a day and you can’t remember them. How is that possible? I heard as I was sitting in a training, don’t be the teacher no one remembers. From that moment, I have made it up in my mind to inspire, impact, and be someone when my students grow older and they are asked, “do you remember your teachers?” They will say, “yes, Ms. Davila.”

I look forward to meeting new students, but I won’t forget 403. We had a great year. We are a small class, but I thank God for that. The community we built and the love the students have for each other is really beautiful. They are my babes. They are truly beautiful students. One of these days, I’ll let them know sis. For now, I’m going to hug them a little tighter. Laugh more. Smile brighter. Cherish the time we do have.

Now don’t get me wrong we still have 8 days, please do not test Ms. Davila. I will still lay down the law, but I appreciate their love for me and their respect for my tough love.

Room 403, yall are the coolest kids. 

IMG_4826                        IMG_4825 (1)                     IMG_4827




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