I spoke at a quinceanera and when I looked at this 15 year old girl sis,  for a second I saw me. I saw uncertainty. I saw her eyes whelp up in tears. I felt she had things hidden on the inside that she couldn’t quite put into words. I heard she was experiencing the same issues I faced as a 15 year old girl and to be quite honest, I left her birthday feeling sad. We may not have the same story, but I’m serious when I say that sis we may not be 15 anymore, but there are girls walking around who are and they need YOU. They need your story. They need your encouragement. They need to know the love of Christ. They need to know they are not alone. They need to know suicide is NOT the answer. They need to know God has a Godly man out there for them and they do not need to seek after love in all the wrong places. I love how the Bible says that one plants, another waters, and God brings the increase. Sis, plant. Sis, water. Know that God will bring the increase.

Sis, Can I read this letter to you?

Dear  Brittany,

Look I know it’s easy to see your life through a broken lens, but I want to reassure you  that’s not how God sees you or your life. You are redeemed. Although, you may not see it now, hold on. You’re filled with so much emotion Britt. How can I help? Where are you placing these emotions? Are they bottling up? Please, talk to someone. Are you having a hard time with your dad? I understand. I’ve been through it. He loves you sis. He does. He didn’t have a father so he is figuring it out. Love him for where he is and not where you think he should be. Be at peace and know God has him. I also felt like you felt like you didn’t have enough freedom. Is that true? Truthfully, you’ll get a whole bunch of freedom in college, because you’ll live in Kansas, then Missouri. Britt, there are some moments you will face where you’ll call your mom and tell her you’re ready to come home.  The freedom became too much and you created a mess. Britt, she will tell you to grab a brown bag and breath. She will tell you, YOU CAN DO IT. I know you may not be willing to discuss when you were 16 and thought life would be better off without you. The Bible says that the truth will make you free. Truth is your brother found out and he held you in his arms and said, “I can’t do life without you.” Britt, there is still one more incident. Do you remember? At 21, in Missouri. Where you felt that feeling again that life would be better without you? If it had not been for God Britt. *sigh* Look, things may  not be the way you thought they would turn out, but listen to me when I say this, YOU ARE LOVED. Loved by a Father in Heaven, who simply adores you. You won’t really find Him until you’re about 24, but when you do Britt, everything will change. You change. From the inside out. Your hair will be long again! I know you kept cutting it, because of emotion, but not anymore. You will smile again Brittany. You will love. You will walk down the isle with the most amazing man ever. He’s the coolest man on the planet. He loves God. God will do for you what you can’t. You’ll graduate college after  6 1/2 years. You’ll pass the teacher certification test after 6 tries. (you tried giving up, but God wouldn’t let you) Now, you’re a teacher! Britt, you still face trials and temptations, but you’re strong now. Britt, today I leave you hope. Hope to continue your journey. You’ll only be 15 once. Go to class. Don’t worry about boys, they will all be there and quite frankly Jonathan doesn’t come into the picture until the day before you turn 25. Save yourself for him. Pray. Write. Spend time with your family. You’re going to need them every step of the way. Join a church and get into small group. Talk about how you feel to God. Lastly, accept Christ into your life. Get to know Him. He ends up helping you get to the place you so deeply desire. Britt, I love you. You make me proud and life is better with you.



Sis, impart wisdom. Let them know life will happen, and with God they are victorious.


His Beloved

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